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Fall 2019

Ordering has ended for the fall CSB. Check back in the spring for a new CSB.

Breakfast Breads ($35)

  • Craisins & Walnut Levain – a traditional French sourdough chockful of craisins and walnuts.
  • Cardamom Bread - this braided loaf is enriched with butter and a hint of cardamom
  • Polenta Bread - cooked polenta is added to the dough to give it texture and sweetness.
  • Oatmeal with Cinnamon and Raisins – a hearty dough with rolled oats, plus a touch of cinnamon, and filled with raisins; great for morning toast.
  • Craisins & Walnut Levain (see above)

Whole Grain Hearth Breads* ($35)

  • Country Wheat – a Farmers Market favorite; naturally leavened.
  • Whole Grain Ciabatta - this light, flavorful Italian favorite uses high-extraction wheat flour
  • Sunflower Flaxseed Sourdough – toasted sunflower and flax seeds add to the texture and flavor of this whole wheat sourdough bread.
  • Country Wheat (see above)
  • Seeded Pan Bread - Sesame, flax and sunflower seeds mixed in a whole spelt and whole wheat sourdough

*Freshly milled organic flour from BakersField in Minneapolis

Heritage Grains* ($37)

  • Heritage Honey Loaf – a pan loaf made with Turkey Red sifted flour and a touch of honey.
  • Vollkornbrot – The classic of German rye bread. This version adds lots of whole wheat spelt, plus pepitas and sunflower seeds. Best enjoyed in thin slices.
  • Miche - the traditional market bread. A 3-pound loaf divided in half featuring Turkey Red and Emmer flour.
  • Spelt Rye Levain - The nutty flavor of spelt wheat pairs well with the earthy character of rye in this whole grain levain (sourdough). Sprouted rye berries add nutrition and texture.
  • Five Grain Turkey Red – a hearty Turkey Red sourdough with flax, sunflower, oats, cornmeal and rye.

*Heritage grains are traditional wheat flours, such as Turkey Red, Spelt, and Emmer, which were grown in the early years in this country. They have rich flavor and some people find they are more easily digested.

Every Other Week Subscription

Smaller households can benefit from the ”Every Other Week” subscription plan which includes three loaves over the 5-week period. Cost is $22.00.  I will contact you about your preferred bread group and weeks.

Pay by Check

To pay by check, click on the form below, print and send with money to: Companion Breads, 441 Juniper Street, Mahtomedi, MN 55115

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